Arik  is a 10 year old miniature Pinscher male with cropped ears and docked tail. Arik was likely kept outside most of his life which for a min pin could not have been a very happy or loving life. 

When Arik first came into rescue he was afraid of touch and human embrace. He would go outside in the fenced yard but would not want to come back in. Today just a few weeks later, Arik enjoys being petted, comes in and goes out of the door by himself, walks on a leash and is working on becoming kennel trained. 

As you can imagine an outdoor life he been hard on Ariks joints so he is a bit stiff when getting up. He is also cautious about being picked up due to trust and possible arthritis. We will be working with him on supplements to help ease the pain he may have from a life outdoors. Arik may be rugged and a bit more independent than most min pins but he does have a heart of gold. He wants to trust people and he has shown us he is willing to work with us on becoming an inside type of guy by brushing up to us for more petting. Arik is fully vetted and ready to meet his forever home.