Captain Jack!

Jack is an active 2 year old Min Pin.  He gets along wonderfully with other dogs.  He's a bit barkie towards cats, but does not last long if he does not get a reaction from them.  

He's is very playful, and smart.  He will be easy to teach a few tricks to if someone takes the time to work with him...he currently  walks on his hind legs for treats.  It is just adorable.

He's very snuggley at night and likes to sleeps in bed with your. He is crate trained and does well in a crate all day while at work. 

He loves to go for walks, play and be active.  If you are looking for an active dog to be your best bud, he is your boy!

Captain Jack has been known to be a little protective of his humans but we are working on that and he is getting better each day.  He prefers a more quiet house and does not like people barging into the house or aggressive behavior such as wrestling.  He prefers older children over small.

Captain Jack is an over all great dog.  Come meet him, he will have you at hello!