Welcome Chunk to Lucky Dog Rescue!! Chunk is an 11 year old Miniature Pinscher/ dachshund mix weighing 14lbs. Chunk and his brother Scooby were surrendered to Lucky Dog a few months ago when their owner no longer wanted to care for them. Scooby and Chunk have been together their entire lives and rely on each other. It is our wish to keep these two sweet seniors together but realize that with their age and there being too, the chances are pretty slim. When the boys arrived in rescue they were very scared and it took awhile for them to understand why they were finding themselves homeless for the first time in their lives. It was traumatic for the boys and they needed time to decompress and feel safe again. Once they felt safe we were able to start their veterinary care. Unfortunately Chunk got a very nasty mouth and face infection that traveled to his eye. His foster dad rushed him to the emergency vet for antibiotics and to hopefully save his eye. The meds were able to get his infection under control and along with his other vetting he received a full dental cleaning. Now that he is feeling better Chunk is not ready for a retirement home just yet! Chunk enjoys walking, eating and snuggling. Like must of us who age Chunk needs reminders not to jump or wrestle too much as his body feels it later! He would benefit from continued inexpensive anti-inflammatory medications, fish oil and supplements that keep his joints limber. Due to the infection, Chunk doesn't see out of his left eye as well as his right eye but that doesn't slow him down! The vet has cleared Chunk for his forever home which he would love to go with his brother Scooby if possible. They support and compliment each other very well. Of the two boys, Chunk is the dominant in the pair but has submitted to the other dogs in his foster home. If absolutely need be , We would consider adopting these 2 separately to the right people as they love each other but they are not dependent on each other to maintain happiness. Like many small dogs Chunk takes a while to warm up. Taking into consideration what he has been through medically and emotionally, it’s understandable that there will be a few bumps along the way. Once you are in his circle...he is your loyal BFF and is a velcro dog! Chunk has moderate energy and would be appropriate for apartment or condo living. He is housetrained but on occasion if not let out could have an accident. His foster mom is working with him on cues for needing to go outside. Chunk and Scooby are very good with respectful children that know when they need a break. This will be very important in the early days of adoption while they are getting to know their families. It’s important to let them come to you and not the other way around. Chunk’s adoption for his age is $375. With all his emergency care, vaccinations, dental cleaning and extractions, microchip with lifetime registration to the rescue, 4dx test (heartworm and 3 tick borne illnesses), full exam and health certificate he has over $600 in vetting. Anything beyond the $375 is very helpful and greatly appreciated. Chunk was thankfully neutered previously. To apply to meet Chunk and or his brother Scooby please fill out an application on our website www.luckydoggyrescue.org Chunk and Scooby are in a foster home in Milwaukee, WI.