Welcome Claudine to Lucky Dog Rescue!! Claudine is a 1-2yr old maybe Patterdale/Fell/Rat Terrier mix weighing 14lbs. She made her way to Lucky Dog Rescue from a new rescue partner in New Orleans Louisiana. She was saved from a high kill shelter where she was set to be put down due to what were thought to be neurological deficits. When I heard Claudine’s story I knew I needed to help give her a chance. She had been through several neurological tests due to her high stepping gait (walk) and was considered to have unknown neurologic symptoms. When Claudine arrived at Lucky Dog Rescue I completed my own evaluation and knew exactly what the medical diagnosis actually was- Claudine has visually deficits and is nearly blind. She does see some shadows and seems to have some limited vision especially if the room is very bright. She can pick up easily on light colors and her sense of smell is amazing. Claudine does not have any neurological deficits and does very well in her surroundings. She like many other blind dogs feels for her surroundings and is cautious with stepping. I believe she was likely born blind as her eyes are clear from cataracts or other eye ailments. Being blind is the only life she knows and she adjusts very quickly to new surroundings. You wouldn’t even know she is blind most of the time. Within a day she had the entire house mapped out in her head. This is the world she knows and does extremely well in it. It does not hinder her in the slightest! She can do flights of stairs and jump up on furniture without any issue. Most of the time she acts like a young puppy playing with toys, chewing on treats and wanting to be near her people. I think she is making up for lost time having likely missed out on that part of her life living her days in an outside pen. We are working with her on learning how to be picked up as she kind of becomes a starfish with her legs going in 4 different directions. She loves to give kisses and loves to play with other dogs her age- especially her foster dog brother Colby Jack. She would benefit from having another dog in the home but it’s not necessary. She is working on leash skills but a home with a small or large fenced area is very beneficial to her. She will also catch on to her yard much faster with a fence. Claudine does well with older kids that are gentle and not overwhelming. One area we are working hard with her on is food aggression. She can finally eat with the other dogs without any issue. We encourage you to crate her while you are eating because she lets her nose take her to the food and she doesn’t have very good food manners yet. If you are eating pizza on the couch she will want to do the same thing. She has made great improvement but will need to continue training. Her foster mom is working with her on guarding high value resources that accidentally get dropped on the floor. It used to be If you did drop something on the floor and she is near, it was hers. Many times you had to use a tongs or tool to help pick it up or block it from her. Now I say leave it loudly and approach to take the item away from her without issue. She isn’t always consistent but the more we work at it the better it will be. Over time this will subside as she learns no one is going to take her food away. The food aggression is likely due to her vision impairments and being put in a shelter where she had to compete for food. She would be ok with cats in the home and is crate trained. Due to living primarily outside she is not housetrained but is getting much better as she gets to go out into a fenced area on her own without a harness and leash. Claudine is not a barker and is very quiet most of the time. Her adoption fee includes all vaccinations, microchip, 4dx test (heartworm and 3 tick borne illnesses), heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, spay, health examination and health certificate. Claudine is located in a foster home Fond du lac, WI To apply to meet this special girl please fill out an application on our website www.luckydoggyrescue.org