Welcome Cookie (Chinese name Lu Ko) to Lucky Dog Rescue. Cookie is an 1yr old cavalier spaniel mix weighing about 16bs. Cookie is part of our 10th China Rescue Dogs mission to save many small breed dogs from the meat trade near Beijing. We know Cookie was likely discarded in March or April last year after the start of COVID when it was wrongly believed that pets carried the virus. Not true! It was somewhere around this time she was rescued and placed in a boarding facility. Being discarded is very stressful on them and she may need extra time to trust humans again. For months Cookie has been in a boarding facility getting up to date on her vaccinations, spay, quarantine, passport and then finally her flight to Chicago USA!! We do know that the dogs arriving from China are scared and need time to adjust. Their lives have totally changed in every way. Many times they are hearing English language for the first time. Coming from a boarding facility they often need help with rehousetraining and some are quicker to relearn than other. When Cookie arrives on May 13 she will be placed in a foster home in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and will be ready for pick up/ adoption on May 22nd. She does well with other dogs and seems to enjoy their company. Typically china dogs are great with older kids as young small kids can be overwhelming at first. Cookie is crate trained however she may feel apprehensive toward her crate after arrival. China dogs are typically very good with adjusting well to their new lives and reestablishing housetraining after travel and being in a boarding facility. Patience and time are the big key to the adoption success. Cookie is in perfect health and is fully up to date on all of her vaccinations, tests, and spay . She is microchipped and registered to Lucky Dog Rescue for the rest of her life. Cookie’s adoption fee will not be inexpensive. Due to border closures and needing to fly cargo, extra flights, boarding and transport her flight alone with all the fees without medical care is $1000. We are asking $1100 minimally but appreciate anything beyond that to help other China dogs. Cookie’s entire fee will be going back to Chinarescuedogs.org to help get other dogs to freedom in the US. With all of our adoptions if at any point the adoption isn’t successful within the first two weeks the entire adoption fee is returned. After the two weeks of the dogs need to be rehomed for any reason the dogs must be returned to the rescue. Cookie will be a great addition to any household. To get preapproved for Cookie please fill out an application on our website www.luckydoggyrescue.orgType your paragraph here.