Welcome Earl, Edgar and Elmer to Lucky Dog Rescue!! The boys are approx 7-10yr old pure bred Black and Tan Miniature Pinschers weighing 7lbs. All 3 boys have cropped ears and docked tails. Earl, Edgar and Elmer were recently released from a breeding home in Tennessee where they were daddy dogs their entire adult lives. For being retired daddy’s they are very social and loving. They can be a little scared at first but once they get to know you (especially with treats) they become your little shadows. Within a few hours all 3 boys began following their foster mom around the house and were very curious about being in a home environment. They do very well with other dogs and find comfort in being with other dogs. They can be jumpy with fast movements but that will settle down in time with love and patience. We are allowing the boys to be adopted together or separately due to their history and living situation. The boys will need time and patience as they adjust from being part of a breeding home to a family pet. Everything is new and exciting to them. It’s easy for them to become overwhelmed so a more quiet and relaxed home would be best. An active home could become very overwhelming for them and could potentially cause them to hide and be anxious around people. The boys would be good around cats and respectful calm children. We are highly suggesting they be placed in a home with a fence due to the fact that they have never been on a leash. Trying to leash them to take them outside to go potty could be traumatizing. A fence will allow for an easier transition and eliminate the fast movements to catch them to leash the boys to go outside. The boys have started working on potty pad training to get them to understand the concept of going potty on the same place each time. As time goes on the potty pads can get closer to outside to help with housetraining. The boys adoption fees will include all vaccinations (rabies, dhlpp and bordetella), microchip with lifetime registration to the rescue, 4dx test ( heartworm and 3 tick borne illnesses), neuter (scheduled for Aug 15. In Appleton), preventative blood testing, full health exam, dental cleanings under anesthesia with potential extractions, health certificates, 6 months of heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, collar/harness and leash as well as premium dog food to get them started. The boys are in a foster home in Fond du lac, WI. To apply for one or more of the boys please do so at www.luckydoggyrescue.org.