Please welcome Freya to Lucky Dog Small Breed Rescue! She is a 3 1/2 month old, black lab mix puppy. She is able to go in for her rabies vaccination at 16 weeks, and able to be spayed at 6 months. Other than her rabies vaccination, she received her other vaccines on 7.17.19. She of course has that puppy energy and is starting teething. She also has that puppy crash after eating or playing. She was initially very shut down, but quickly came out of her shell. She’s very sweet, and a little feisty. She survived parvovirus, which can prove deadly for puppies and arrived from Kentucky with fleas. The flea situation was resolved immediately; she got a flea and tick bath, topical treatment and anti-itch wipes for the current bites. She’s partially potty trained, she will whine when she needs to go out, but can’t wait very long. She will come when called, is quickly taking to walking on a leash with a harness, knows “sit”, and we’re working on “lay down”. She plays well with other dogs and is curious about everything else! As with every other dog, we strongly recommend crate and obedience training. The additional necessary vetting will be taken care of through the rescue, at one of our veterinary clinics.Type your paragraph here.