Welcome Helen to Lucky Dog!! Helen is a 7yr old female black and tan miniature Pinscher weighing 10lbs. Helen is a very special little lady. She spent part of her life living in a long term care facility for adults with disabilities as Helen herself is blind. She gets around wonderfully and her blindness doesn’t stop her whatsoever! Because of COVID Helen could no longer live in the group home and was relinquished to a shelter where Lucky Dog Rescue swooped in and rescued her. Helen was quickly adopted by a couple but just recently returned because Helen has started to become very possessive of her things. We think it is very likely because she never really had possessions at the group home. She will growl and potentially snap over guarding her toys, treats and food. This includes humans and other dogs. I do believe the possession also has to do with her being blind and wanting things that are just hers. Due to her possessive nature we are saying no young children and older children only if they are aware of her issues. You can easily break Helen’s train of thought and divert her attention so you can grab the toys or food if need be. Helen is crate trained but can be possessive of her crate and blankets inside. You would never want to force her out or try to pull her out. She does sleep in her crate at night because she can be possessive of your bed if you allow her to sleep in it. She is a sassy stinker but also a very big love. She loves to be held and loved on. She wants to be near you when you watching tv or enjoying the sun outdoors. She likes wearing her clothes and putting a jacket on to go outside. A fence is really a must for her being blind and a min pin (which should always be considered runners) and because she does enjoy relaxing outside when it’s nice. Helen can be a barker at times but quiets very easily. The perfect home would be active to semi active with or without other animals. A min pin experienced person would be very helpful to understand her quirks and behaviors. She is not a dog for a first time dog owner. Helen is housetrained but when it gets very cold and nasty she will use potty pads. Helen is fully vaccinated (rabies, dhlpp, bordetella), microchipped, 4dx tested (heartworm and 3 tick-borne illnesses), spayed, and has a health certificate. Helen is very excited to meet her forever home.Type your paragraph here.