Welcome Holly to Lucky Dog! Holly is a very sweet and shy retired mama dog. She is a miniature dachshund/ miniature pinscher approx 5 years old and weighing 9.5lbs. Holly’s sole purpose in life before being dropped off at a high traffic shelter in Milwaukee was to have lots and lots and lots of puppies. Now that she is with Lucky Dog she is ready to start her new life. Everyday is new and exciting for Holly as she grows more and more curious. She enjoys being near people but not ready to interact at this point. I do believe with time and patience she will seek out attention as she is very curious about kind and gentle people. She does very well with her foster brothers and sisters both human and fur. Holly was not taken care of well in her life. Life has been hard for her. She has some hair loss from stress and likely an infection of the hair follicles. Her hair will continue to fill in with good nutrition and has been treated with a prescription that has been completed. Holly is fully vetted and ready for her forever home.