Welcome Hugo to Lucky Dog Rescue! Hugo is a 2yr old (BD 9/6/19) Puggle weighing 27lbs. Hugo first came to Lucky Dog when he was born in his foster home back in 2019. We rescued his mom Chantel just before she had the 4 puppies- which became known as the Hurricane litter. As an 8 week old puppy Hugo was adopted to a family just as Covid started to ramp up. While with his family Hugo developed some pretty significant anxiety issues with meeting new people and became protective of his mom likely because he was never able to attend puppy classes and was basically isolated the first year of his life. This resulted in being returned to Lucky Dog a few months ago. The heart of the issue is that Hugo was never taken to any training or socialization classes of any kind, He struggles with meeting new dogs and if on walks will lunge at people and other dogs. He was never taught how to meet dogs with manners. We suggest classes for Hugo and a muzzle while walking outside to give him confidence. As he becomes more confident and more at ease with meeting new dogs and people his anxiety will improve. We have worked very hard with his possession in the home and he hasn’t had any recent issues. He does still guard his foster mom from time to time and for this reason we suggest he is placed in a home as the only dog. Like many young rescue dogs, Hugo bonds to his person very strongly. When he is outside, He doesn’t want anyone to hurt or take his person so he gets barky and does growl and lunge. Hugo would benefit from behavior classes and continued day or two a week at Kennel boarding. Being around dogs has really helped him come out of his shell. Lucky dog has started taking him to kennel for blocks of time to continue his socialization work . He has made great improvement since day one. He has been doing really well with meeting people at the kennel as well. We want to set Hugo up for success and help him as much as we possibly can by having people stop by and walk into the house without any recent issue. His foster family has also started taking him hiking trails that is helping him to learn how to consistently let people walk by without confrontation. We have had people stop over at the house unannounced and the visits have all gone really well. He loves to give kisses!! Hugo has also learned to meet new dogs by watching the other dogs in the home meet new foster dogs. We always have dogs coming and going and that too has helped boost Hugo’s confidence. If he has a dog come into his home He no longer tries to hide behind his person for protection!! Overall, Hugo does well with older kids. Due to his training we are saying no small kids for Hugo at this time. Hugo is a very sweet boy that just needs a chance to learn the proper way to meet people and new situations. His training should be lifelong. The more he positively meets strangers and other dogs the better he will do. Hugo’s adoption fee includes all vaccinations (dhlpp, rabies, and bordetella), microchip with lifetime registration to Lucky Dog Rescue, 4dx test and 1 month of prevention to get him started, flea/tick prevention, full health exam, health certificate, harness, collar and leash. Hugo is also in training and boarding with other dogs. We want to support his continued learning so upon completion of a licensed 6 week training course we will reimburse $350 toward his class. Hugo is in a foster home in Fond du Lac, WI. To apply for Hugo please visit our website at www.luckydoggyrescue.org