Izzy is a sweet, loving girl who has had a rough past being stuck in a breeding operation.  Because of this she has high anxiety and requires a quiet home with lots of patience and without young kids. Though she has not shown aggression towards any children, she would do better in a home with older children that respect her space and social limitations.

Lucky Dog Small Breed Rescue removed her from her rough life and is showing her what life should be like.  

Izzy does not know how to play as a normal dog would but keeps us laughing with her interesting way of trying to play. Izzy does not listen to commands yet but is working on it and is already kennel trained.

She loves to run and say hi to her friends. She's still trying to understand what a leash is and how to walk like a typical dog would. She is an excellent snuggle buddy on the couch and in bed but you have to let her come to you on her own. She can eat all of her food in 1 minute flat. It's kind of amazing. She would benefit from a slow-down bowl.

Despite Izzy's hard past and her not knowing how to be a dog, we've loved having her as our foster fur-baby. She does well with all other animals.

All she is looking for is a forever home with lots of love and patience.