Little Mama  is a beautiful purebred Mini Pin.  She is around 4 years old.  She loves to go for walks and spend time outside on nice days.  She is quiet, only barks when I come home (she is ready to come out of her kennel to say hi).  She is kennel trained and will hang out in her kennel quite often.

Up until this point she has had an isolated life so everything is a new experience.  She has come a long way in the last 3 weeks.  She is on the shy side and gets along with dogs of all sizes and has no problem with cats.  She has no interest in going on the furniture, she is content laying in a dog bed.

She is content to play by her self and does not need a lot of attention. She does get bursts of energy and runs around, she can be quite the goofy girl.  She loves her green squeaky toy and feels the need to squeak it in the morning as a wake up call. She prefers to watch everything at a distance, she does not need to be in the middle of everything.  The best time of the day for her is breakfast and dinner.  It is like Christmas morning at every meal time, she gets very excited.  She is very sweet, not a mean bone in her body.

She is doing well with house training if kept on a schedule.  She will indicate she has to go out, just need to keep an eye out for her signals.

She needs a more quiet house with people who have patience to continue to show her what a good life is all about.  I am not sure how she is with young kids, because of her being shy, older kids would be preferred.