Murr is a 14 month old Jack Russell puppy

Here's a bit about his past
Murr came into rescue as a puppy mill survivor from Missouri. As a mill survivor Murr was very skittish and malnourished. His bones were very fragile from the malnutrition and when he jumped off his foster homes couch on to a coffee table broke his front leg. He was rushed to the emergency vet with his leg shaped like an S. The leg was set and put in a cast. But then a skin infection developed under the cast that threatened Murr’s leg. He had to be hospitalized for 4 weeks In order to save the leg on the young pup. We were lucky to save Murray’s leg!! 

Today Murray is a happy go lucky puppy making up for lost time. He was handled so much in his hospitalization he quickly learned how kind and loving people can be. His socialization has come a very very long way and now seeks out attention and loves people. 

Murr is now at a healthy weight and is strong. Murray loves cuddling and being by his people. He plays with his toys and other other dogs. He does well with dogs, cats and kids. 

Murr is house trained and fully vetted.