Welcome Oscar to Lucky Dog!!! Oscar is a 3 year old red min pin. Oscar loves to go for walks and is the perfect snuggle buddy. He gets along great with other dogs of all sizes and is great with kids. Oscar is a special needs dog. Oscar has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Epilepsy and is on medication called phenobarbital. He didn't have a great start to life but is looking forward to a more desirable future. His diagnoses was caused by some unfair treatment in his past. His Epilepsy doesn't slow him down any, the medication just makes him extra hungry. Currently his foster mom has him on a low calorie diet and exercise program so he can lose some of the weight. The ideal home for Oscar would be someone who works from home or that is retired. Someone that has experience with an Epileptic dog and understands that their epilepsy doesn't have to run their life if the medication is dispensed on a strict schedule. Also, someone that is active and looking to make their dog part of their everyday activities. Oscar also loves car rides. He rides nicely in your lap or in the passenger seat. The only time he barks is when the door bell rings or someone is coming in the house. He is crate trained and potty trained. When he is not spending time with his foster mom and brothers he prefers to relax in his kennel with an abundance of blankets.