Meet Rosie!

She is a 10 week old female puppy.  Her mother is a  Mexican hairless/Golden Retreiver and her father is a Beagle/Chihuahua mix.

Rosie loves to play with toys, run, and wrestle with her litter mates. Rosie is sweet as can be but she's got spunk! 

You see, Rosie is extra special. When she entered the rescue we noticed that she wasn't using her back legs properly. She was using them, but often held her left rear leg out stiff and her right rear leg is weak, resulting in a 'bunny hop' walk and run. After orthopedic consult it has been determined that Rosie has a deformity of her hips. It is unknown if this is congenital (if she was born this way) or if perhaps she experienced trauma during birth. It has been determined she is not a surgical candidate at this time. Rosie does not let this slow her down. She compensates well and plays just like any other happy puppy.

We are seeking a loving, supportive home that can continue to help Rosie grow, learn, and enjoy life. It is uncertain how large Rosie will be when she's grown, but it appears she will be a petite, medium sized dog- 20 lbs or less. Rosie needs assist with stairs, so a home with no stairs or a loving family who can assist her up and down stairs would be needed initially. In time, she just might get it! She's been working on this skill. 

Rosie is also working on potty training.  She is kennel trained. 

If you think you are her 'special forever' person or family, please inquire. The moment you meet her you'll fall in love, you simply can't help it.  She is just that adorable!