Roxie  is a Mini Pinscher who is around 11 years old but don't let that number fool you, she has a lot of years left! She is very young at heart and has the energy of a young pup but she LOVES to snuggle with her human more!!

She is a pretty laid back gal, and pretty much game for anything.  She loves to just have her human touching her when she is sitting on your lap. She will paw at your arm until you move your arm to touch her.  She loves going for car rides and is a great co pilot.

She will tell you when she has to go out by doing her potty pacing.  She will use potty pads if she can't get out quick enough. She really enjoys being outside when the weather is warm. She even runs and prances just like a baby deer. 

Roxie does not like being locked in a kennel when you are away. Instead, hangs out gated in the bathroom with potty pads because us older gals tend to go potty frequently throughout the day! 

She is great with other dogs but can get a little scared if they approach her too quickly or sniff her way too much. She does well with respectful kids and enjoys getting attention from them. 

Roxie would do best with a stay at home fur mom or dad, a retired person or someone who isn't gone for extended periods of time. She would be a great addition to your home. If you are looking for a huge cuddle bug then Roxie is the girl for you!!