Sophie and Baby

Sophie aka Momma, and her baby, Baby are a bonded pair that need to stick together. Sophie is about 5 years old and Baby is about 4 years old.  They are a quirky pair that will need a very special home and person to be ok with some quirks, and to work on some others that can be broken. 

Sophie is the social one. Baby needs work on her social anxiety. She tends to latch on to one person and will need work to extend her love of people further. 

Baby has a crushed larynx, and they both will run if given the they do need a home with a fenced yard, no small kids, and someone who has the time and patience they so badly deserve. 

They will love on you and give you unconditional love when they feel safe and loved. They really are gems...just gems with some quirks due to their past. Do you match what they need?