Welcome Sweetie to Lucky Dog Rescue!! Sweetie is a 6yr black and white pure bred Boston Terrier weighing 15lbs. Sweetie came to Lucky Dog as a transfer from another local rescue after she was rescued with 12 other dogs from a Puppy Mill. Please keep in mind she came from a PUPPY MILL! Sweetie lived in a cage for 6 years of her life giving her captors litter after litter of puppies for them to sell. She never knew a kind hand or soft voice. Human touch is scary and just not possible… perhaps for the rest of her life. You can thank the people that continue to purchase puppies from high volume breeding facilities. These places have no regard for their mom or dad dogs and don’t care that the end result is a practically feral dog. I will be extremely picky for her. Her adopter MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH MILL DOGS. You MUST also have a fence that is not underground or your application will be denied for Sweetie. She won’t go outside unless it’s on her own to a fenced area and then will let herself back in only if she is comfortable. A leash isn’t possible. She has zero leash skills. She wears a leash in the house so if we need to catch her quickly we don’t have to traumatize her. I have begun to potty pad train her as she is not a fan of going out when it is cold or wet. If she slipped away outside catching her would be impossible and likely a life sentence. Sweetie is a very special girl that will require a very special home. This may very well be how she is the rest of her life. Whoever adopts her has to be willing to accept her as she is and not in the hope she will be better some day. She very well may not improve. Adopting a mill dog is not for everyone and only a person that has lived and worked with a mill dog will understand their care. She is fully vaccinated, spayed, had a full dental, full health exam, bloodwork, and health certificate. If you feel you can provide her a loving, safe forever home that can accept her as she is please fill out an application on our website www.luckydoggyrescue.org Sweetie is located in a foster home in Fond du Lac, Wi.