Welcome Taylor to Lucky Dog!! Taylor is 14 week old female Black and Tan coonhound approx 15lbs. Taylor will likely be about 40lbs when she is fully grown. Taylor is a sweet and playful puppy! She loves to play, chase, and wrestle. She does well with other dogs and would really enjoy another puppy or younger dog to play with. Taylor adores kids! She loves playing and running with her 8yr old human foster siblings. She is doing wonderfully on a leash and does well on a tie out but would really love a fenced in yard where she can run and explore. Exploring is the best! She is working on coming when called but sometimes would rather keep playing. Training and exercise will be a must as she continues to get older and bigger. Taylor is crate trained and also enjoys snuggling in bed. She is doing fabulously with housetraining and only has very occasional accidents. Taylor has had all of her vaccinations that she can have to this point, microchip and health certificate. At 16 weeks she can have her rabies which is covered at one of our partner vets as well as her spay at 6 months as part of her adoption fee.