Sadie came to Lucky Dog Small Breed Rescue a few months ago after her owner passed away. The adult children of the owner didn’t want Sadie and made an appointment to have her put down. The adult males were physically abusive to Sadie laughing because they hit her so hard she passed out. One of them even kicked her so hard she flew off the deck and they hoped she would run away to die. The adult daughter tried the protect Sadie as much as she could but needed to get Sadie to safety quickly. The day she was set to be euthanized Sadie was brought to Lucky Dog to decompress but to more importantly to heal emotionally. It took several weeks for Sadie to trust us and not react to human touch. We started slowly and worked up to picking her up and holding her. She does bark to let us know things she doesn’t like and to let us know what she wants. For this reason an apartment would not work for Sadie. Sadie is a 13yr old wire fox terrier mix that deserves the best for the rest of her days. Her parents loved her very much and she didnt deserve the treatment she received after her mom’s death. Sadie will need a kind and patient home. She is barky. She is a runner. She needs time and patience to feel comfortable when she moves to her forever home. We can’t erase what happened to her but we can show her how much she is loved and cared for. Sadie’s adoption fee includes all new up to date vaccinations, 4dx test for heartworm and the 3 tick borne illnesses, dental cleaning under anesthesia with 7 teeth removed, full health exam, health certificate, premium dog food to get her started in her new home, collar, harness, leash and winter coat. To apply to meet Sadie please visit