It's hard to believe it’s been a whole week since you brought me to my forever home.

Thank you so much for making sure I found a good home!!  xoxoxox

We have been for a long walk every day since I have been here and I really like it!! 

They decided to trust me right away and I got to sleep with them in their bed at night and when they went to work I got to have the run of the house.  I was a good girl and didn’t get into any trouble.

Thank you for being such a great first mom for me and finding me my forever home.



Here's a Few of Our past adopters

and their new additions

Sweet Foxy with her forever parents!


Princess is such a sweetheart - we love her so much already!  The kids pet her when she has a bone and she doesn't even care.  She loves snuggling all the time.


I thought you'd like to know a few updates about Chelsea. Chelsea's loving going out for walks on her leash and she's even been running around on it. Today my grandma visited her and she was jumping around and excited to see new people. Today I saw her chewing on one of the small bones I bought her and I threw it for her and she picked it up and jumped back onto the couch and dropped it right next to me. She also has a Green Bay cheerleaders outfit. Thank you for helping her have a second chance in life. 

Woody a.k.a. Hollywood

Things are going very well.  What a wonderful little guy. We decided to call him Woody. He seems to respond very well to that and it fits him.  We just love this little guy to death.

He loves sleeping with us and has already had an adventure with a bone we got him. He went through about 25 different hiding spots with the bone. It was comical. He finally decided he would eat it after an entire day of hide and seek. You were correct that he loves playing fetch! He is so good at it too. This is a picture of him sitting with his tennis ball after we got done playing. 

We are already so attached to this little guy. We have no intention of giving up on him.  He is already part of our family.  

This is Toby . I got him from Lucky Dog Rescue. He is my Boy!

Buster is the small one in this picture.  He is doing great and keeping up with the big dogs!

Jimmy went to a wonderful home. He was the first family dog. Their son who's 10 was super excited to get him and loves to walk him every day after school.


This is Copper. He was rescued him from CACC with an injured leg. Lucky Dog took him to the vet and unfortunately he needed to have his one leg amputated. He was such a sweet boy during his injury and after his surgery. His Foster Mom watched him and he was a HUGE Foster Fail and he kept him.  He is very spoiled to this day.


Hello! Just checking in. It has been over a month and Sasha is doing great! We are in puppy class and she knows hand commands for sit, down, stay, and shake. We go to the dog park 3 or 4 times a week. Still working on how to walk on a leash nicely. She'll get there.

This is sweet Bella.  Very close to being a foster fail but was adopted by her Foster Moms good friend so her foster mom can continue to rescue others but still can see her often.  Win win!

Thank you for the vaccination information for Marshall. Here are some
updated pictures! He Loves to go for a walk. It is hard to get a picture
of him because he is always in your lap!!!! Easiest to get a selfie! He
is adorable! We love him to pieces!


It has been almost two months since the day I met & fell in love with Miss Gracie-Lou. She stole my heart, filled up the empty, black void that lurked inside and gave it back to me renewed and whole again. She is my tiny little shadow. The creature who greets me when I return home no matter what length of time I have been absent. She keeps me laughing with her antics. I could not ask for a better little four legged companion.

So many thanks go out to Lucky Dog, the staff & foster families. I cannot thank each of you enough for giving Gracie a second chance & allowing me to take a leap of faith & land on both feet.

Stacy, Gracie & Roxie-Roo

Teddy is doing fine. Went to 4th behavior class last night. Good with sit, down, stand & working on heel, leave it and stay. Class loves his prance when we do heel. Little show off! He has run of 1/2 house even at nite. Crate only when I am gone for long time. Need to figure out haircut for him. He was hot on 65 degree day. Been trimming it myself so far. He has some Pomeranian hair but that style isn't for him or me. Unfortunately he has found his bark! Loves walking and being outside. Loves all attention. Learning to sit to get it altho at under 8 pounds most don't mind him jumping up to get it. He is cute so gets away with it.



I think she is starting to feel at home already.  She likes to fall asleep in our laps after a day with the boys 💙 we love her so much!!!

Beau and Lily

They are doing very well.  Beau has healed well from his neuter and just loves his tennis ball...He's so cute to see him push it with his nose and then run after it.  Lily and Beau are very loving and sweet and we love having them in our home.  Thanks for asking.  Hope all is well with you and your other rescue babies. 


She did really well last night, enjoyed her dog bed as you can see and slept in our bed overnight. Just wanted you to know she's doing well!  We love her.


Buster Brown


We always have had luck with our dogs. Every time we have a dog we say we will never get another dog like this. That has been 3 dogs we have said that about. Well Sparky is our 4th dog and we now say he is the best dog ever we will never find another dog like him. He really is the best dog. We are so blessed to have found him.  He is so special. He is like a baby. We have spent so much on him already. He is a spoiled little guy. He is so smart. I have nothing negative to say. I remember you telling me he is not a "looker". I asked my husband what you meant and he told me. My reaction was that I thought he is adorable. My husband said she's right he isn't a "looker". If it wasn't for me my husband would have passed him up. We are so lucky. 

I just want to say Happy New Year! We are so blessed to have Alex as part of our family.  We have family members that call and say they need an Alex fix. He is definitely the alfa dog no matter where he is. He is very very protective of us and our house. We tried to introduce another dog. That didn't go so well. He loves being outside with Lance he rides on the back of the 4 wheeler he gets jerked all over but he could care less. Squirrels give a run for the money but he tries. This ice storm has been really really hard on him cause he keeps breaking through he can't walk on it. He loved plowing through the snow till this. He would come in looking like snowball. Thank you for what you do for animals.


First of all, my dad has no idea what he would do without her!  

She is very well behaved and has just the right amount (or lack) of energy!  I can tell she is getting more comfortable, when guests arrive she used to be quiet and stay out of the way, now she barks and comes out to meet them.



Miss Apple is Adopted!  She was an abuse case from IL and found her way up to Lucky Dog.  Her new mommy saw her on TV in Chicago and tracked her down through a bunch different people & a radio station to finally find her up here with us! As you can see it was love at first sight!


Teddy (aka Gnar)


Lil Bit 

First night he did great. He loves our other dog he is respectful of the cats and tag is wagging all the time. We could not be happier!


We are really enjoying Henry The Dog (we added a middle and a last name).  He's smart, a quick learner here in the big city and is getting and giving lots of love.  It's a good fit.  We enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all you've done to help us get started.  Best wishes to you and your family.  You are doing a great service to dog - AND mankind.